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Assembled on the docks of Hokkaido, Santa Barbara, Canada, and Maine


Santa Barbara

The Murasaki Uni in the cold pacific is prized for its sweetness and creamy texture. The largest of all, here red and purple urchins feed off seaweed and vast kelp forests around the Channel Islands in Southern California and Vancouver. Due to higher sulfur content in these waters, they can be 3-4 times as large as Japanese or Maine Bafun

Hokkaido, Japan

Our Hokkaido Uni comes from the world's largest fish market where over 10,000 trays are sold daily. The best sushi restaurants in Japan come to the famous Uni auction to bid on the best brands, and so do we


Our Maine Uni is harvested from small green urchins, arriving in New York from Portland daily. These pieces are gorgeous and perfectly sweet, with an absolutely addicting delicate ocean flavor

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